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Google should base Android on Newspeak

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How should Google respond to the lawsuit filed by Oracle about Java?

In my opinion Google should take the chance and replace the surface language of Android by something more modern and dynamic. They already replaced the Java VM. They can easily do it with the language as well.

They have the know-how to do that. Lars Bak, one of the leading engineers behind the Google V8 JavaScript VM, is a great language designer. He implemented Beta, Smalltalk, Strongtalk, Self, Java, OOVM, and JavaScript.

If I were them, I would bring in Gilad Bracha, who worked with Lars Bak at Animorphic and Sun, and use his Newspeak language as the basis for Android. That would make a great language for the Android platform.

Written by Bernhard Pieber

27. August 2010 at 10:23

Posted in Smalltalk

One Response

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  1. I think your suggestion is a good one.

    Simon Michael

    28. August 2010 at 15:03

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