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Lines Of Code of Squeak and Pharo

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I have written a small class named DesignInfo ( to gather information about the lines of code of all Monticello packages in a Smalltalk image. It can distinguish between test and production code and create a morph that shows the information as a bar chart.

Here is the information of a current Squeak trunk image – 330332 lines of code in 60 packages:

And here is the information of the current stable Pharo-1.1.1-dev10.09.1.image – 413413 lines of code in 185 packages:

The test code is shown in light blue.

I find it quite interesting and it was fun to program. It’s Smalltalk after all. 😉

Written by Bernhard Pieber

7. November 2010 at 21:53

Posted in Smalltalk

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